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Kendrick Anne Wronski

Living at the Speed of Poetry

Hello friends, Over the course of a few years from 2015 to 2017, I wrote poetry almost daily to help anchor myself and process an increasingly solitary life and the losses resulting from my health condition. Poems seem to come to me with more ease.

I am feeling like many of these poems might be valuable or appreciated by others, so I am making them available in .pdf form here:

Moving at the Speed of Poetry

Words Moving at the Speed of Poetry

Taking Back the Shapes of Prayer

If you read some of these poems, I would love to hear your thoughts and impressions. Please don’t hesitate to duplicate, for the good of all.

Sending love and care,



  1. Nancy

    Thank you for sharing your work Kendrick. I have only just begun but enjoy your poetry, it is thougth provoking and reflective. I will continue to read more….

  2. Edelle Rose


    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art. I absolutely love these women that you have created.

    But I was not able to open your poetry. Is that a glitch on my end or is the link not working? I would so like to read it.

    • Kendrick

      Thank you so much, Edelle! The links seem to be working for others, but I will email you the files.


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